Where the water of the lagoon meets the stones of Venice

Linea d’acqua is the meeting of the water of the lagoon with the stones of Venice. Linea d’acqua is the antiquarian bookshop in Venice with wooden shelving on which the magnificent editions of Venice’s book civilization rest

Ancient Books

Only perfection

"A precious—mouldering pleasure—'tis— To meet an Antique Book— In just the Dress his Century wore— A privilege—I think—"

Nothing can better describe the philosophy of our business than the famous lines of Emily Dickinson. To us an ancient book is a living relic that has come down to us intact, complete in every aspect of its original charm. An antique book is printing, paper, binding and aroma.


Davide Battistin

Born in Venice in 1970, Davide Battistin graduated in 1998 from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice.

In the same year he won a scholarship to the School of Fine Art in Athens. In the following years he collected an impressive series of prizes and took part in important solo and collective exhibitions in Italy, the US and the UK.

He works in a romantic studio in the Cannaregio district, in the mansard of an ancient Venetian palazzo with big windows overlooking the roof of the splendid church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli.

Davide is the painter of Venice’s light. His pictorial research is a painstaking journey towards perfection in capturing those magical moments when the sunlight fills the lagoon, the canals and the facades of the Venetian palazzi at different times of the day. There is no other city in which the light reflects in so many different ways, arousing such a wide range of emotions as in Venice.

Davide’s paintings convey the shiver of an icy winter’s morning with the lights in the distance behind the fog, the heat of the torrid sun that goes down behind the palazzi of the Grand Canal, flooding its waters with a dense, melancholy pink. His horizons are lost in an infinite distance that sinks into the motionless mystery of the lagoon fogs.

A painting by Davide Battistin is a dream made of colours spread on canvas.

Battistin's Latest painting

San Giorgio

oil on canvas | cm 80x60 | framed by Toni Dalla Venezia 

Antique engravings

Linea d’acqua is precious antique engravings, Tiepolo, Canaletto, Marieschi, and rare, expertly engraved maps.


The bookshop carries out appraisals of originality and valuations of individual books, engravings or entire book collections. The cost of the valuation is 5% plus VAT of the estimated overall value up to a maximum of €10,000.00. Above this figure the cost is 2% plus VAT. The costs of delivering and storing the works are borne by the client.