Linea d'Acqua Venice Antiquarian bookshop
Where the water of the lagoon meets the stones of Venice

Linea d'acqua is the leading antiquarian bookshop in Venice. We are specialised in antique books, first editions, maps and views of Venice, especially by Venetian old masters.

We are the only authorized dealer for the Venetian painter Davide Battistin.

Linea d’acqua is I.L.A.B and L.I.L.A member

Antique books

Ancient Books

Only perfection

"A precious—mouldering pleasure—'tis— To meet an Antique Book— In just the Dress his Century wore— A privilege—I think—"

Nothing can better describe the philosophy of our business than the famous lines of Emily Dickinson. To us an ancient book is a living relic that has come down to us intact, complete in every aspect of its original charm. An antique book is printing, paper, binding and aroma.

Antique bookAntique books in Venice
Antiquarian bookshop in Venice (Italy)
Venice engravings

Antique engravings

Linea d’acqua is precious antique engravings, Tiepolo, Canaletto, Marieschi, rare maps and views of Venice.
Venetian expertises


The bookshop carries out appraisals of originality and valuations of individual books, engravings or entire book collections. The cost of the valuation is 5% plus VAT of the estimated overall value up to a maximum of €10,000.00. Above this figure the cost is 2% plus VAT. The costs of delivering and storing the works are borne by the client.